Top 10 Perks

TOP 10 Perks:

1. Sing Weekly.

2. Camaraderie. Build life-long friendships.

3. Learn different Languages & different Singing Techniques

4. Accomplish. Challenge yourself and benefit from the rewards.

5. Travel all over New England and overseas to historical venues such as   ROYAL ALBERT HALL, LONDON- Imagine 600+ Men, a 3 story organ and a venue dazzled in royal dressings, and then there’s you in the midst of it all, harmonizing with your fellow companions. And we are planning to go to Spain in the Spring of 2019.

6. Networking. Connect with different subcultures within the group.

7. Efficient. Perform in historic venues.

8. Celebrate life and engage your partner in your new journey.

9. Socialize with 62+ individuals and invite your partner to engage in the fun.

10. Smile and have fun with a bunch of good hearted men who love to sing with a capital L.