Top 10 Perks

Top 10 Perks of Singing with Saengerfest:

1. Create rich, four-part men’s harmony.
2. Learn new skills and develop your singing voice.
3. Meet new singing friends and make connections in rehearsals, performances, travels and social events.
4. Rehearse and perform men’s choral music in many styles and languages: traditional glee club, classic, popular, opera, musical theater.
5. Perform in historic venues: Faneuil Hall, Sanders Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Salisbury Cathedral, Barcelona Cathedral…
6. Travel with us every other year: we’ve been all over the Northeast, to Canada, Portugal, Ireland, England and Spain. Friends and relatives are invited!
7. Welcome new citizens by singing in the Faneuil Hall naturalization ceremonies.
8. Mentor and support young singing ensembles: Boston City Singers, Handel and Haydn Society Young Men’s Chorus, Wellesley High School and Natick High School Men’s Choruses, St. Paul Choir School.
9. Has worked with outstanding vocal and choral leaders in frequent workshops.
10. Collaborate with fine guest musicians: Morehouse College Glee Club, Cornell University Glee Club, Southern Rail, Harvard Glee Club, Robbie O’Connell, Yale Whiffenpoofs.

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