Benefit concert for the 160th Anniversary Celebration of the First Baptist Church in Melrose, April 9, 2016:

Please thank the chorus for us!  First Baptist Church of Melrose

We want to send a special thank you to everyone in the chorus and to you for all your help with this big project!  What a wonderful day we had on Saturday and many people in our church said it was the best event we had ever sponsored.  We had a big crowd and everyone really enjoyed the wonderful music and being able to meet and talk with the singers at the reception.  The entire afternoon went very well and our fundraiser was a big success!  It was so nice to work with such a professional group and we can’t thank everyone enough for all the tickets that the members sold.  Those sales really contributed to our overall profit and are appreciated.

Thank you again for your help with our program booklet, Jordana, and the end product was great!
Hopefully the chorus will come back to First Baptist Church and perform again sometime.

Div 10

“The power of the sound of men singing together, forte, is exhilarating, but when we produce a
pianissimo and a range of emotions, it’s equally spine-chilling. Until 2008 I had only sung with mixed choruses, on stage, or as a soloist. I never would have guessed the enjoyment I would get from being part of the all-male team, as well as the sound, of Saengerfest. Now it’s my favorite pastime after a long day of work.”
Tim Borchers, Medfield, MA, practicing attorney, Tenor 1


Div 10

“My best friend got me into it and it was fun. I love harmonies. If I can be in a chorus where there is good harmonies- that does it for me. Plus, everyone in the chorus LOVES to sing.”

Jeff Garland, Bass


Div 10

“Singing is good for the soul, especially when you’re contributing to the creation of beautiful music.  And why sing with Saengerfest?  I sing with Saengerfest because we strive for and achieve excellence in sound, to say nothing about the spirit of camaraderie among the members.”
George Kacoyanis, Wenham, MA, practicing surgeon, Tenor 2


Div 10

“I enjoy Saengerfest because we sound good and like each other, and have a great conductor (and a lovely guest pianist [Shann Wood]).”
Larry Wood, Waquoit, MA, recently retired physician, Tenor 2


Div 10

“Reasons for singing in BSMC: 1. Camaraderie. 2. Trips to Royal Albert Hall in London, and other joint choral concerts. 3. Working on memorization.”
Tim Greene, Millis, MA, headhunter, Tenor2


Div 10

“There is a camaraderie that comes with singing in an all-men¹s group that is lacking in a mixed gender
group. I¹ve sung in both. Sometimes, when singing with Saengerfest. I¹m transported back to my first
semester singing at Cornell. May I never recover from that experience.”
George Ecker, Wellesley, MA, retired academic and organizational consultant, Tenor 1