Linus Travers


During my student days, I sang with the Deerfield Academy Octet, the Duke’s Men of Yale and the Whiffenpoofs. For the past 10+ years, the “Imposters,” a group of Yale Whiffenpoofs from the ’50s & ’60s who perform in Florida in February-March and in Nantucket in August, as well as on the occasional Monday night at Mory’s in New Haven when the regular undergrad Whiffs aren’t there. I am now an Emeritus Professor of English Literature, having taught English literature and writing at three Boston area colleges/Universities, reaching UMass Dartmouth in 1982, first as an administrator (publications director, director of development, executive director of university foundation) and then as a faculty member. I continue to consult in fund raising, board structure, and serve on a few non-profit boards of directors. Currently I am writing a number of pieces for newsletters, editing & publishing a couple for Yale organizations, and otherwise keeping my hands in the wordsmith business”. Other minor tours of duty – I have worked as drama critic and copy editor for a daily paper in Norfolk, VA, and even spent a year as a TV personality in the same market. Marketed and delivered for-profit smoking cessation program in New England, New York, and eastern Canada. And of course I had my go at military service in the 1960’s, serving in communications, intelligence. and public relations roles aboard an Atlantic Fleet aircraft carrier. Highlights: working with the Mercury Astronauts, being part of the Cuban Missile crisis and the Bay of Pigs disaster. My musical instruments include piano, and once upon a time, guitar. I also participate in The Yale Alumni Chorus overseas concert tours every three years. My singing roots are the Yale Glee Club, and two college acapella groups, the Duke’s men of Yale and the Whiffenpoofs.