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Royal Albert Hall London Boston Saengerfest Mens Chorus 2016

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Experience Royal Albert Hall- imagine the thrilling sound of a thousand men singing together with a full orchestra!

Founding member Steven Foote recalls the first time the chorus was invited to sing at the Royal Albert Hall in the Welsh Festival.

“The best experience I have had with BSMC was our first trip to the Royal Albert Hall. It is located in the middle of London- which is a wonderful city.

In1998 Salisbury Cathedral, England, 1998 the beginning there were thirty five members who went to London. There are still four or five of us presently singing in the chorus that went on that first trip.

The idea that you are performing a repertoire of music for a year ahead of time is something that builds up in intensity. There are more than seven hundred singers joining in from around the world in this festival.

The hall itself is a unique facility. Imagine a big cylinder with a half of a ball on top of it, so high that the royal air force parachute team had two people jump from the top and land at the bottom of the floor.

My wife told me that she had never been in such a place with such testosterone. We both laughed.