2021 Open Sing! June 7, 2021

Monday, June 7, 2021, we meet together at 7 pm for our annual Open Sing via ZOOM (sorry!). 

As in the past, the music will be displayed online as we sing. However, if you would like to get a head start, here’s the list of songs (nearly all American). If you click on the title of the piece, you will see the score. Please do not make copies of the music, as it is copyrighted.

A Cask of Porter-Jerry Noble (commissioned by BSMC)
How can I Keep from Singing-Reginal Wright
Shenandoah-arr. Marshall Bartholomew
Find the Cost of Freedom-arr. Nick Page
Sure on this Shining Night-Morten Lauridsen
Zion’s Walls-Aaron Copland
O mistress Mine-Matthew Harris (arrangement commissioned by the BSMC)
Ave Maria-Franz Biebl (thanks to Cornell, at least 50% American)
Choose Something like a star-Randall Thompson
Somebody’s calling my name-Wendell Whalum
Soon ah will be done-William Dawson
I’M GONNA SING-Jerry Noble (commissioned by BSMC)
The Parting Glass (a brief drop of the international)

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