Douglas B. Lee Jr.

First Name: Douglass
Last Name: Lee
Nickname, if applicable: Doug
Voice Part: Baritone
Date joined BSMC: 2002
Birthdate MM/DD/YYYY: 01/12/1937
Birthplace: Ithaca, NY
Spouse/Significant Other Name: Terri Sojot
Email Address – Spouse/Significant other:
Children, name(s), age(s): Mary Terri McCann
Grandchildren, name(s), age(s): Sabrina
Phone – Home: 617-354-5881
Phone – Cell: 857-998-2185
Phone – Work: 617-494-2762
Street Address – Home: 33 Lexington Ave
City: Cambridge  State: MA  Zip: 02138

High School, dates: Ithaca HS, 1950-54
College(s), Degree(s), date(s): Cornell University A Architecture 1959
Grad School(s), Degree(s) date(s): Cornell University MRegional Planning 1966 PhD 1968
Current work status and your work career: Planner/Economist with US DOT thinktank (Volpe Center) since 1980 retire this year
What are some of your special interests, hobbies, talents, passions?: enjoy singing and playing squash
Favorite sports team(s)?:
Musical instrument(s), musical background?:
What other musical activities / group(s) are you, have you been, involved in?: Sherwoods of Cornell undergraduate acappella, reunion Sherwoods continuing
If retired, what do you do for play, for relaxation, to break the routine, to keep yourself busy?:
Little known fact about yourself? :
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