2021 BSMC RECORDING PROJECT – Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down! Due Monday March 7, 2021

Satan Music Score (taken from I’m Gonna Sing, by Jerry Noble) – click HERE

All Parts (aka FULL) part recording – click HERE

Tenor 1 part recording – click HERE

Tenor 2 part recording – click HERE

Baritone part recording – click HERE

Bass part recording – click HERE


Practice Session: [1] Open up the Satan Music Score, [2] Click on your choice of Part Recording above, [3] Sing along with it, [4] Repeat.

Detailed Recording Instructions: [1] plug in your headphones to your computer [2] if you have a microphone, plug that in to your computer also [3] start up your Recording Software (“Voice Record Pro” or whatever works for you) [4] click on the “Satan Music Score” above [5] Select “RECORD” in your Recording Software [6] click on the Part Recording of your choice [7] Sing along with your part recording [8] Stop your recording [9] Save your recording [10] Playback your recording [11] If you are satisfied with it, email the recording to our Artistic Director at director@saengerfest.org. Please call Jeff anytime with questions 781-953-1180 or email at guyfgarland@gmail.com.

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